Rabindranath Ray (Robi Ray)

The Indian Bansuri-player (flutist), Rabindranath Ray (Robi Ray), was born in Rashkhali near Kolkata and brought up in Kolkata.
The accomplished Electrical Engineer discovered his great love to flute music very early and while in childhood he started to play on a bamboo flute. He took his first lessons from a master blind-flutist. Later he took flute lessons from late Debi Prasad Banerjee, Professor of Rabindra Bharati University Kolkata, disciple of late "Bansuri innovator Pandit Pannalal Ghosh" and from the Master Flutist Dipak Sharma of Guwahati in Asaam. He now lives in Germany since 1961, still maintained his love to Indian music during all of those years.
He plays various Bengali and Indian songs and melodies, especially songs of Rabindranath Tagore, matching most to his Bansuri tunes. The selected pieces of music and their related improvisations appeal much to a major European audience.
Now, at the end of his professional career, he devotes himself to the culture and music of India, mostly concerning the flute-music (Bansuri).
He was invited to many music festivals and performances in various cities in Europe like Berlin, Bonn, Basel, Zurich, L├╝beck, Frankfurt, Deutsch-Indische Gesellschaft e.V. (DIG) in Stuttgart, Munich, Wuppertal, Mainz, Freiburg, Nurnberg and the cities Leonberg, Ludwigsburg, Heilbronn, Jesteburg, Landshut as also at the Deutschlandhalle in Berlin and Saint Petersburg in Russia where he charmed the audience with his Bansuri tunes.







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